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My first year at Memgraph

Exactly one year ago, I joined Memgraph. I’ve never worked at a startup before so I had no idea what I was heading for, but I felt like it was something that I had to do. I’ve been in IT for more than 25 years now, and I know that the only constant thing in IT is change and a need to learn a lot of new things.

One year ago, I had almost no knowledge about Markdown, Git, Cypher, React, NPM, .. I’ve tried few times to use Visual Studio Code as editor before, but it had to many features. Now I love it 🙂 I’ve almost never visited HackerNews, Stack Overflow, Reddit,, Hashnode, … and now these sites are part of my every working day. I’ve hardly used Slack, and I’ve never had a Discord account. Guess what, these are no my daily communication tools. AirTable, Notion, Orbit, HotJar, and Buffer were also new tools for me. And I’m sure that I’ve missed a lot of other tools, services, and software that I’ve seen or used for the first time.

This is just part of the things that I had to learn, and that I’m still learning. But it is all possible due to the best part of Memgraph – the people. They are amazing. The whole hiring and onboarding process was smooth. I felt welcome from the first time when they approached me. Everything that I’ve learned, I’ve learned thanks to them – the people of Memgraph.